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Venice, Cinque Terre and Florence

Venice, Cinque Terre and Florence

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This itinerary begins in the most unique city on the Italian peninsula. How can you visit Italy without seeing Venice at least once? It is unlike any other city in the world and part of the collective imagination. With its international airport and central train station, Venice is the ideal starting point for this marvelous itinerary. There are no cars in Venice; all noises are softened by the relaxing sounds of water. Our private water taxis will conduct you to your hotel, where all your local tours will leave from.  Our authorized guides will help you discover the magic of the Serenissima, as it is known: Piazza San Marco, the famous Rialto Bridge, Canal Grande, the Ghetto, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute. The infinite attractions of Venice make it seem like a mythical city but our advice is to explore on foot and breathe in the atmosphere of this incredible city.

After a few nights in Venice, we suggest a brief trip by train, or by private car and driver, to the Cinque Terre, a rocky portion of coastline along the beautiful Ligurian Riveria, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we find the towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, which are linked by a comfortable train service as well as by boat. This portion of the Ligurian coast offers incredible views of the sea, as well as stunning vistas of terraced houses, vineyards, and olive orchards that descend towards the sea on steep hillsides, separated by old stone walls and narrow, twisting paths.

The Cinque Terre is the ideal location to enjoy the splendor of the sea, beaches and bays, but above all it is a perfect place for hiking along the paths that connect the five towns. It only takes a few days to visit them all, either on your own or with one of our guides. Of course you will also be able to enjoy the excellent cuisine of Liguria, which is famous for its fresh fish, its “mythical” pesto, Ligurian focaccia, anchovies from Monterosso, excellent white wines, and the flavorful sweet wine “Sciacchetrà.”

Following your stay in the Cinque Terre, you will take a train or private car to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. In Florence you will stay in a delightful boutique hotel in the historic center of town, close to the Arno River and its picturesque Ponte Vecchio, where the workshops of the most important jewelers and goldsmiths in the country are located to this day. Our guide will accompany you through this magical city and together you will visit both the Uffizi Museum and the famous Accademia, home to Michelangelo’s David, the international symbol of beauty. Lively San Lorenzo market is a great place for a few hours of shopping and a delicious lunch of traditional Florentine cuisine, including dishes such as “trippa” and “lampredotto.”

At the end of your stay in Florence, we will organize a car and driver to accompany you to the train station or the international airport of your choice for your departure.

Duration of tour: approximately 8 days
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